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Parim palkmaja 2019

Nils Modern E

Total area: 134,2 m²

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Total area: 62 m²

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Total area: 171 m²

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Floor area: 121 m²

Total area: 186,6 m²

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Floor area: 135 m²

Terrace/balcony: 18 m²

Total area: 153 m²

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Floor area: 132 m²

Total area: 132 m²

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ML175 Post&Beam

Total area: 174,5 m²

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Nils Modern carport

Total area: 110,7 m²

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ML 38

Floor area: 36.8 m²

Terrace/balcony: 6.8 m²

Total area: 43.6 m²

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ML 50

Floor area: 59.0 m²

Terrace/balcony: 7.2 m²

Total area: 66.2 m²

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ML 59

Floor area: 74.1 m²

Terrace/balcony: 9.9 m²

Total area: 84.0 m²

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ML 61

Floor area: 56.7 m²

Terrace/balcony: 8.5 m²

Total area: 65.2 m²

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ML 71

Total area: 132,4 m²

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ML 92

Floor area: 86.9 m²

Terrace/balcony: 11.9 m²

Total area: 98.8 m²

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Floor area: 122.7 m²

Terrace/balcony: 3.4 m²

Total area: 126.1 m²

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Floor area: 101.8 m²

Terrace/balcony: 33.6 m²

Total area: 135.4 m²

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Floor area: 120.0 m²

Terrace/balcony: 19.3 m²

Total area: 139.3 m²

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ML City 122

Floor area: 130.4 m²

Terrace/balcony: 20.3 m²

Total area: 150.7 m²

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Floor area: 139.5 m²

Terrace/balcony: 13.3 m²

Total area: 152.8 m²

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Floor area: 123.1 m²

Terrace/balcony: 38.0 m²

Total area: 161.6 m²

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ML 140

Floor area: 163.6 m²

Terrace/balcony: 21.0 m²

Total area: 201.1 m²

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Floor area: 161.5 m²

Terrace/balcony: 47.2 m²

Total area: 208.7 m²

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ML 170

Floor area: 193.6 m²

Terrace/balcony: 18.7 m²

Total area: 212.3 m²

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ML 188

Floor area: 203.8 m²

Terrace/balcony: 21.1 m²

Total area: 224.9 m²

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Floor area: 182.5 m²

Terrace/balcony: 49.0 m²

Total area: 231.5 m²

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ML 200

Floor area: 217.1 m²

Terrace/balcony: 47.0 m²

Total area: 264.1 m²

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ML 208

Floor area: 208.2 m²

Terrace/balcony: 26.4 m²

Total area: 234.6 m²

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ML 80 PB

Floor area: 68.6 m²

Terrace/balcony: 31.2 m²

Total area: 99.8 m²

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Tania PB

Floor area: 120.0 m²

Terrace/balcony: 19.3 m²

Total area: 139.3 m²

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ML 134 PB

Floor area: 120.1 m²

Terrace/balcony: 42.3 m²

Total area: 162.4 m²

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Mountain Loghome at music festival “Tallinn Music Week”

Mountain Loghome at music festival “Tallinn Music Week” This spring, our team had the opportunity to participate in the making of timber frame installations “soundWAVES”. The installations were created by the students of the Interior…

Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2015 and Mountain Loghome

Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2015 TAB is an international architecture festival which introduces local architecture culture, current issues concerning architecture, and looks at the future of the architectural profession. TAB offers a program of events for both architecture…