Жилые дома. Летние дома и лыжные коттеджи. Сауны.



Фахверковые и

Каркасные дома

Element house Nils modern with carport New deisgn product carved post and beamsML175 Post and beam house

Nils Modern carport

Общая площадь: 110,7 m²

ML175 Post&Beam

Общая площадь: 174,5 m²

ML 38

Жилая площадь : 36.8 m²

Tеррасы/балкона: 6.8 m²

Общая площадь: 43.6 m²

ML 50

Жилая площадь : 59.0 m²

Tеррасы/балкона: 7.2 m²

Общая площадь: 66.2 m²

ML 59

Жилая площадь : 74.1 m²

Tеррасы/балкона: 9.9 m²

Общая площадь: 84.0 m²

ML 61

Жилая площадь : 56.7 m²

Tеррасы/балкона: 8.5 m²

Общая площадь: 65.2 m²

ML 92

Жилая площадь : 86.9 m²

Tеррасы/балкона: 11.9 m²

Общая площадь: 98.8 m²


Жилая площадь : 122.7 m²

Tеррасы/балкона: 3.4 m²

Общая площадь: 126.1 m²


Жилая площадь : 101.8 m²

Tеррасы/балкона: 33.6 m²

Общая площадь: 135.4 m²


Жилая площадь : 120.0 m²

Tеррасы/балкона: 19.3 m²

Общая площадь: 139.3 m²

ML City 122

Жилая площадь : 130.4 m²

Tеррасы/балкона: 20.3 m²

Общая площадь: 150.7 m²


Жилая площадь : 139.5 m²

Tеррасы/балкона: 13.3 m²

Общая площадь: 152.8 m²


Жилая площадь : 123.1 m²

Tеррасы/балкона: 38.0 m²

Общая площадь: 161.6 m²

ML 140

Жилая площадь : 163.6 m²

Tеррасы/балкона: 21.0 m²

Общая площадь: 201.1 m²


Жилая площадь : 161.5 m²

Tеррасы/балкона: 47.2 m²

Общая площадь: 208.7 m²

ML 170

Жилая площадь : 193.6 m²

Tеррасы/балкона: 18.7 m²

Общая площадь: 212.3 m²

ML 188

Жилая площадь : 203.8 m²

Tеррасы/балкона: 21.1 m²

Общая площадь: 224.9 m²


Жилая площадь : 182.5 m²

Tеррасы/балкона: 49.0 m²

Общая площадь: 231.5 m²

ML 200

Жилая площадь : 217.1 m²

Tеррасы/балкона: 47.0 m²

Общая площадь: 264.1 m²

ML 208

Жилая площадь : 208.2 m²

Tеррасы/балкона: 26.4 m²

Общая площадь: 234.6 m²

ML 80 PB

Жилая площадь : 68.6 m²

Tеррасы/балкона: 31.2 m²

Общая площадь: 99.8 m²

Tania PB

Жилая площадь : 120.0 m²

Tеррасы/балкона: 19.3 m²

Общая площадь: 139.3 m²

ML 134 PB

Жилая площадь : 120.1 m²

Tеррасы/балкона: 42.3 m²

Общая площадь: 162.4 m²



Production service — factory produced glulam wooden posts and beams with carvings

Production service — factory produced glulam wooden posts and beams with carvings. The production technology that we have implemented for glulam timber columns and beams could be used for various dimensions and profiles and allows the mass production. Modern manufacturing CNC line with special cutters enables to decorate the surfaces with high-quality carvings and ensures that all of them will be identical. This technology was worked out once to complete an order for Europe biggest Pancake house post-and-beam structure in Norway next to Stavanger. Besides of that we also do other wood processing operations, which could be rather time-consuming if they are made manually – rafters with the figured ends,…

Mountain Loghome at music festival «Tallinn Music Week»

Mountain Loghome at music festival “Tallinn Music Week” This spring, our team had the opportunity to participate in the making of timber frame installations “soundWAVES”. The installations were created by the students of the Interior Architecture Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts and architects Sille Pihlak and Siim Tuksam in cooperation with the architecture practice PART. Mountain Loghome’s role was to prepare manufacturing drawings and produce the construction elements. This is the second time we have had a chance to participate in the creation of an art project of this scale. Last year we helped create the installation “Body Building” by Sille Pihlak and Siim Tuksam for Tallinn Architecture…

Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2015 and Mountain Loghome

Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2015 TAB is an international architecture festival which introduces local architecture culture, current issues concerning architecture, and looks at the future of the architectural profession. TAB offers a program of events for both architecture professionals, students and everyone interested in architecture. The third TAB will kick off on September 9 and will look into the changes, challenges and opportunities that our cities and their inhabitants will be facing once the third industrial revolution is implemented in full scale and we all start using self-driving cars. What will this mean for architects, designers, urban planners? TAB will turn Tallinn into a test site for the cities of the future, visualising…

Bygg Reis Deg 2015 — building fair in Norway

  Bygg Reis Deg 2015 — building fair in Norway   Mountain Loghome participates in exhibition Bygg Reis Deg in 14 — 17 october 2015. We are part of Enterprise Estonia joint exposition. Bygg Reis Deg is the exhibition showcasing the best solutions for buildings, houses and construction. Exhibit location: Messeveien 8, 2004 Lillestrøm, Norway We are located in D- hall, stand D01-08 Our fair web page is here